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Why Website Design Sunshine Coast Is Still Important

November 25, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Web Design & Development

Just recently somebody said to me that they wouldn’t bother with a website for their new business, because all you need these days is social media.

Uhm, I thought. Yes, it’s very true that social media plays a very important role in how we market our businesses these days, but it should never detract from the importance of a professionally designed and driven website.

We must remember that for some businesses, the website is their store. They don’t actually have a bricks and mortar shop front. For them, the website is crucial.

But equally, even for those businesses that do have bricks and mortar premises, the website is again crucial in our busy, technology-driven lives.

First few seconds can be a deal-breaker

When we need or desire a product or service, where’s the first place we look? We search online, right, more often than not on mobile devices. And it’s a well known fact that the first few seconds of using a website will determine whether we continue or not.

And that’s why website design Sunshine Coast is so important. As a business you don’t just need a website – you need the right website, the website that will attract visitors, hold their interest and result in a sale.

So when choosing a Sunshine Coast web design agency, it’s important to ensure they can do all of that.

The look and feel of the website is often the first interaction the potential customer or client will have with your business. How it looks and presents will help them decide if your business is professional / credible.

Experience, knowledge and tools

Easy, right? There are plenty of website designers Sunshine Coast. Yes! But does that agency also have the experience, knowledge and tools to make it functional?

My point is this: you search online and a business comes up. You click on that business’s website. The next few seconds are crucial. If it quickly and easily opens, move to the next step. If it’s slow to open, or crashes, that potential customer is probably lost.

So, they are now on your front page. Is it attractive, eye-catching? Is it well laid out so navigation is easy? Will one click take them to their next destination? A good Sunshine Coast web design company will help you understand that sometimes, including all the bells and whistles on your website, might actually slow down the process and frustrate the potential customer.

Building brand awareness

Another key element in your website design is building brand awareness. Think of Nike, Coco-Cola etc. If you have a logo make sure it is used consistently throughout, to enforce and build your brand in your industry. Remember, it is all about relationship building, and inspiring trust and credibility.

There are several website designers Sunshine Coast so you need to choose one that understands the important of building that relationship with the customer, and making their online interaction with your business and easy and enjoyable as possible.

But they need something else, too – they need to be a digital agency, fully understanding the need for your website to be designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

As said before, there’s little point having the prettiest website in the world, with every gizmo known to mankind, if it doesn’t actually work!

Remember, SEO is not just about attracting people to your site – it’s also about maintaining your ranking. Let me explain. If a potential customer visits your website, all cashed up and ready to buy, but they can’t find the important/essential information they need, they will leave. And that short visit tells search engines that your website is not that helpful.

And one last thing to talk to your Sunshine Coast website design agency about – content, a subject close to my heart! Content must be professional, relevant and well written. Too short, too long or just downright boring is a big put-off. And badly written content, full of spelling mistakes, suggests an unprofessional, slovenly approach to business.

Is a website still important? Yes! But it needs to be done right!


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