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What is actual process of website development

August 6, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Internet Business


There are several phases in website development that both professionals and other go through. First, preparation phase is when client gives detail about his business and basic purpose of his future website, i.e. weather it will be for presentation, marketing or for direct financial work.

In order for the Web design firm in New York to prepare quality offer, it is necessary to have better idea about its volume and content, what options it should provide for administrator (client) and user (potential website clients) and weather it should be multilingual.

After closer analysis, Web design company will prepare and send offer for proposed website development. Please feel free to contact us and visit in this phase to provide us more details and request for some corrections in this preparatory version of our future website.

Process of website development

1st phase – Relationship definition

After you accept our offer for website development, we will sign contract that will define our obligations and rights as contractual parties. This contract will enable you to know when you can expect to have your website up and running, as well as what will be end price for the website development. We have been doing Website development in New York for long time now, and we are fully aware that it is important to make clear that we know our duties and that we are ready to perform them up to the highest standards.

2nd phase- Website design

After we define content and functionalities of website and applications your website should have, after we get basic guidelines about website design and logotype, we will start developing website design. Design will be tweaked until you approve final version. New york web design is always ready to take into an account client suggestions and requests for change.

3rd phase – website development

This is where our Website developers in New York actually develop web page. In order to reach this phase, some preconditions have to be fulfilled:

  • we need materials that will be posted on a website (texts, photos, instructions)
  • if this is more complex and demanding project, we need your part of project documentation (we agree on what part that is)

This is phase in which professional from our Web design company in New York are in most intensive communication with you as a client, because there are always some new ideas, some questions that have to be answered, some proposals that should be reviewed before being implemented. In this phase we will finally determine your domain name, its registration and website location. We will guide you through this process.

4th phase- checking content and functionalities of website (testing phase)

In this phase we put entire content of your website on neutral link (not your domain), to check all content and functionalities and to correct possible mistakes.

5th phase-website posting and working

This is end phase, where your website becomes alive. It will be placed on your domain and server and you will become part of internet world.
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