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Upgrade Your Home with a Patterned Concrete Driveway

August 20, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Small Businesses

One thing that virtually all owners of family homes must consider at all times is what real estate professionals refer to as “curb appeal.”

In the short term, it’s a matter of showing courtesy to your neighbours by keeping your lawn and garden tidy and appealing to look upon. While cutting grass, pruning roses and raking autumn leaves are a given for anyone with a lawn, one area that homeowners frequently overlook, even to the point of neglect, is the driveway.

Since the drive is generally one of the most functional and least attractive parts of the view from the street, many homeowners simply do not consider the impact it may have on curb appeal and, in turn, the value of the home. Another disincentive for many homeowners is the cost of having the surface completely repaved. “Why pay so much,” goes the thinking, “when it really isn’t going to beautify the home?”

If this sounds like you, then you might consider looking into the option of a patterned concrete drive. A new drive made of patterned concrete solves both the problem of cost and attractiveness, making the return on investment much easier for both you and your neighbours to appreciate.

Here are some other great reasons for choosing a patterned concrete drive over other available options:

Simpler installation

Whereas individual pavers are fairly labour intensive to place, installation of a patterned concrete drive involves little more work than pouring a plain concrete or asphalt drive. Including site preparation, the concrete pour, pattern application and drying time, you can reasonably expect your new drive to be ready for use within 10 days depending on weather conditions.

Lasts longer than other materials

Once your drive is completed and ready to use, it will require little more maintenance than cleaning at your discretion since it is all one uniform surface. Pavers, on the other hand, have a tendency to come out of place; particularly if tree roots beneath are a factor. With patterned concrete, there is a reduced likelihood that such damage will take place since it is all poured in one uniform layer. Over time, the superior structural integrity of the patterned concrete drive means a reduced risk of tripping and falling – an important consideration where young children or elderly persons reside.

Choice of patterns

Whereas a basic concrete or asphalt drive adds nothing from an aesthetic point of view, a patterned concrete drive with a well-chosen design will add to the beauty of your home. In addition to a variety of attractive patterns, many companies allow homeowners to choose a special eye-catching design feature or even a drainage feature to make your storm drain equally attractive and functional in addition to matching the new drive.

The Patterned Concrete Company

The Patterned Concrete Company are a UK based company, located in the North East of England, who specialise in driveways, patios, walkways and more. With their years of expertise and the care they take to make every patterned concrete driveway look exactly as it should, our professional installers will work with you individually and transform your driveway from a purely functional afterthought to a beautiful, even artful component of your front lawn.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit They have a leading installer of patterned concrete drives for over 15 years and their skilled staff will guide you through the laying process and provide you with a beautiful new drive that you will adore and which will be the envy of all your neighbours.


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