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Should You Have A Website For Your Real Estate Investing Business

November 24, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Real Estate

I have come across so many real estate investing businesses over the years that do not have a website.  Whenever I talk to the real estate investors, they do not even know if a website is necessary for their business. Surprisingly a lot of them do not even know what this website thing is all about.    Others think only the big guys should have a website.

So: should your real estate investing business have a website or not?

What is a website?
This question sounds too basic, but you must understand it before you can get a website.  If you are reading this article, you are looking at a website. A website is simply an online presence where people can visit you virtually, get information about you, and do business with you.  Usually this will happen without meeting physically.

Every website you see out there has three things:

1)    Domain name – this is the name that identifies you on the world wide web, such as   A domain name can only be registered once.  Before getting a website, it’s a good idea to think about what name you would like for your business. You can also research if the name is taken or not.

You can register a domain when you buy your website, or register it separately.

2)    Hosting account –  This is the physical server where the website is located.   The physical location is usually a server. In most cases you will not have to think about this when looking for a real estate investor website, because it will come bundled with the website you buy.

3)    The website –  These are the virtual files that sitting on a server that you see, such as this page. They sit in your hosting account, and serve the information you see when you go to the website.   Chance are that when you buy a real estate investor website, all this technical stuff will not be necessary.

You might have to buy the three components above separately, so it is important to understand  them.   If you are lucky, one order will take care of them all.

So, should you or should you not have a website for your real estate investing business ?
We live in the internet age where almost everyone starts their search on the internet.  The internet is the first place a motivated seller will look when they are looking to sell their house.
When you are looking to buy a house, you will most likely start searching on the internet before you even think about engaging a realtor.

Obviously if you have a website, your real estate investing business will be exposed to more people. It is an invaluable tool for real estate investing that works to boost your profits without giving you more work.

How do you know if a website is good for real estate investing?
Just an online presence if not enough for real estate investing.  Most websites out there are just simple and informational. An informational website simply gives information about you, without necessarily engaging your visitors beyond providing information.   Obviously a lot more than this is needed.

A good website must promote your business and make you more money. Here are a few qualities a good real estate investor website must have:

1)    Attract leads –  Obviously, the success of any business depends on attracting new people to do business with.  A good real estate investor website needs to be able to  attract leads through the search engines. It must therefore be well optimized for search engines.  The higher your website appears on search engine results, the more visitors you are likely to receive.  You do not get a top position automatically – Your website must be well optimized for search engines to attract leads.

Search engine optimization is a wide topic on itself, but briefly, what this means is that the content on every page should be clearly recognizable through specific keywords by the search engines, and by real people.  For example, a quick google search for “pizza delivery near me” will return outlets that can deliver pizza to you. It is unlikely that you will find results for car dealers.  This is because the websites and businesses relevant for that keyword relate to pizza.

Your search is also likely to return hundreds of results. Most likely, you will respond to one of the top matches on your search results.  The top performers are not there by accident; they have specifically worked hard to get there – hence they attract more business.

Real estate investing is guided by the same principle. A well optimized website will make you a lot of money for a long time to come.

2)    It must have clear call to action – The goa is to get every visitor perform a specific action on your website, such as signing up   (such as to get an EBook, submitting their house information, etc).  You must be clear on what actions you want them to take.

3)    It must be equipped to convert those leads to people who are ready to do business with you – when someone signs up on your website, they must be engaged with a promise to fulfill  their needs. A website equipped with a video speaking model for example will capture instant attention and keep the visitor engaged until they sign up.

Once they sign up the website must have inbuilt autoresponders to follow up with them hands off with pre-timed email messages.  This increases rapport and converts them from cold leads to closed real estate deals.

4)    Easy to use – the website must be controlled from a  virtual back office, simple enough for someone new to computers. You do not need to know stuff like HML, PHP, etc.   A good website gets the job done nice and easy, no fuss.

5)    It should make your work easy – getting a real estate investor website does not mean spending your life with your website.  Your business should run more smoothly, such as automating follow-ups, making offers, selling, wholesaling or renting houses, etc.  A website should reduce your work and allow you to do more deals.

6)    Adaptable –  a good real estate investing website must allow you to easily adapt it to suit any business model.  You do not need to buy a new website whenever you change business models or whenever you have a new idea. Preferably you do not need to have to pay someone to adapt it for you; it should be easy for you to do it yourself.

7)    Customizable – a good website should come with hundreds of customizable designs , as well as the ability to customize everything on the website.  All content and forms must also be fully customizable.

8)    Real estate friendly –  your website is for real estate investing, so it must be equipped specifically for real estate investing.  It should have all the features necessary to manage a successful real estate investing business such as listing houses, managing buyers lists, attracting and Managing leads, and so on

These are just a few features that make a good real estate investing website. And yes, if you are living in this generation of the internet age, then you must have a website for your business.

Does such a complete real estate investor website exist?

In order to run a successful real estate investing business, it is mandatory to have an effective real estate investor website.    And not just any website – a website that RUNS your business.   A website that takes over your daily tasks freeing up your time to close more deals.

The website you get from delivers an automation capability that nobody can match.   You get a website that addresses your audience directly.   A website that closes more deals for you by compelling your visitors to complete a call to action.

You get a website you can use for any business model in real estate investing – buying or selling houses, renting houses, wholesaling houses, looking for private money, or any other business models.   In fact the website can adapt to any business model you can think of. All this from a simple virtual back office.  Oh, even if you are new to computers.

The website you get comes with personalized content that you can edit whenever you need to.  You website will come loaded with hundreds of responsive designs.  Switching from one design to another takes a single click of the mouse.

Your website is delivered exactly as you need it ready for business TODAY.   Crucially important is the fact that your website attracts leads hands-off. A website with inbuilt marketing tools that convert these visitors to prospects that actually take action on your website.  These prospects are then converted to closed deals by carefully written follow-up autoresponder messages.

Ultimately, the website saves you more time, money and effort while you close more real estate deals.


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