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Realizing the True Value of Excellence in a Pneumatic Cylinder

September 27, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Small Businesses

Pneumatic cylinders are available in thousands of different types, and have a multitude of uses in automation. When selecting the right kind of air cylinder that will work in a specific application, it is best to consider certain design guidelines and key factors affecting that particular function. There are six vital components to a cylinder designed with excellence. Each of these must be well considered to ensure the good functioning of the pneumatic system.


Air Flow Requirements


The air supply to a pneumatic cylinder is crucial to its proper function since it is the air that becomes compressed sufficiently to carry out the mechanical work generated by the cylinder. Determining air flow requirements differs for single-acting cylinders and double-acting cylinders. For an air compressor to work well and produce the highest possible compression of between 7 to 10 bars, the compressor, air tank and pipe must be well constructed.


Piping in a Pneumatic Cylinder


When air flows through a tube or pipe, pressure is lost because of the flow friction that is created and other corrosive losses and resistances. This energy is represented as a pressure loss. Reducing the loss of pressure in pneumatic circuits is critical to the overall effectiveness of the system. To realize the true value of maximum compression with little pressure loss, tubes and pipes must be carefully connected and be kept clean.


Air Quality and Lubrication


Air leakage cannot be avoided and air quality needs to be protected through the use of adequate filtration. Lubricants are necessary for the good functioning of a pneumatic cylinder. Pneumatic tools used in extreme hot or cold temperatures may require air dryers and other devices to prevent freezing. Lubrication reduces wear and prolongs the life of the cylinder, also preventing rust and dissolving sludge found in compressed air systems.


Pneumatic Circuits


A deep understanding of the relationship between load factors and the general operation of a pneumatic cylinder is essential when designing a pneumatic circuit. Each component must be well constructed and fit specifically to the desired performance required of it within the circuit. Cost efficiency and fail-safes contribute to the excellence of the circuit, reducing damage during operation.


The Solenoid Valve


Solenoid valves are widely used because this type of valve is reliable and popular in many applications. Routing compressed air to devices in a pneumatic circuit, this type of valve allows big devices to be controlled by little signals and provides an interface between electronic controllers. Solenoid valves need to be made from the best materials as they withstand a lot of pressure.


Final Notes on Safety


Choosing a company with a high standard of excellence in the manufacture of pneumatic cylinders is important for the smooth functioning of a pneumatic circuit. The components of pneumatic cylinders all contribute real value to the system and every part must be well considered in the selection, installation and maintenance of a pneumatic system.


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