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Main advantages of small steam turbines

November 30, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Almost every country in the world started in last years to concern about the environment. We are making a huge progress in many fields, how to stop the global warming, iceberg melting and also safe healthy world for next generations.

We learned how to use energy effectively without pollution or other environmental damage. We also found out how to reuse energy and other human products. Many changes have to be done in industry production, because many chemical plants, laundries and food factories are the main polluters and energy consumers in the world.

What kinds of steam turbines exist?

One kind of solution are steam turbines. There are many varieties, we will introduce you the main advantages of micro steam turbines between them belong for example small dimension requirements, easy set up and services, short payback period.

In general distribution micro turbine is up to the capacity of 3 MW up to 10 MW. Another kind of steam turbine are the ones with overhung impeller between the bearings, turbines with a frequency converter, multi- stage turbines, gas expansion turbines and cogeneration units.

The micro steam turbines for industrial use are working at the principal of using excessive heat. This heat would be normally go away, but if you have a micro steam turbine you will use this heat to create a steam and this steam is processed into an energy.

Small steam turbines in use

The biggest advantage of micro steam turbine in use is saving money. Although initial investment may seem to you very expensive, the payback period of small steam turbine is short. Approximately from 3 to 5 years. It depends on power of steam turbine, but also on the placement in the system and on the personal wants of customer.

Next advantages of small steam turbines are minimal size requirements, easier installation, high heat efficiency in range 85% – 94% and lifespan of at least 25 years. Low installation costs, but this advantage depends on individual requests of customer.

There is no extra requirement for construction costs and further adding devices. It is also highly automated device, so there is no need for a special using. They are simply and easy to install, easy to use and maintenance. Every minor repair can be easily done by your own technical department.

Steam turbines efficiency can be used in many industrial sectors. For example chemical plants, wood plants, breweries, dryers, distilleries, dairies, sugar refineries, rendering and heating plants, incinerators, heat exchanger s and many others.


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