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Is 3D Printing the Third Industrial Revolution?

January 15, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

The Industrial Revolution was the beginning of a new era thanks to new manufacturing processes. Producing with the help of machines instead of relying on traditional hand production methods lead over the 1st and 2nd Industrial Revolution to mass production that brought affordable products for everyone. Also today, most products are made in large amounts with the goal of reducing costs and satisfying a high consumer demand. This means large series of identical products – Economic but without any room for individuality. Can we expect a change to this way of producing in the future?

Is mass production really still satisfying the consumer demands in a world in which individuality becomes increasingly important and more and more people rather opt for customised products? 3D printing could soon deliver the solution for those looking for unique, customized products. Experts claim that 3D printing is the Third Industrial Revolution and the advantages are obvious: Buying files online or creating and personalising products with a computer program and printing them with a domestic printer means quick delivery of a product, waste reduction and unlimited customisation at an affordable price! The founders of the Italy-based studio MQB Srl for example imagine a world in which you simple buy the file for the product you want online, customise it according to your preferences and print it with a domestic 3D printer. Sounds futuristic? Not really! Already today, 3D printing is used, mainly for the realization of prototypes and a Dutch start-up is planning to build the world’s first 3D printed bridge soon! Welcome to the future!


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