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How many places the artificial putting green can be used?

October 19, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Sports & Fitness

Indoor putting green for roof
Generally speaking, it is a leisure sport project afternoon tea time, which can improve the value of house. Indoor putting greens has no necessary to take maintenance, but still keep green, so customers could enjoy sports on the roof.

According to same steps to install artificial putting green, indoor putting green can penetrate water naturally. Comparing with natural grass, because of the smooth curve design, the foot feels soft and landscaping effect is better. If you can, with regular golf later, indoor putting green for roof can create an atmosphere of golf.

The different with natural grass
1.In order to prevent the grass to grow, you have to cut grass at least threes times or more, and keep low cutting.
2.The golf could be pushed on smooth ground, so in the necessary places, you have to spread sand, putty and roll.
3.Fertilizing, Watering, weeding
4.High-heeled shoes should be restricted, even can’t pass freely.
5.Many professional technology: cutting roots, making hole, ect.

Indoor putting green for hotel
The entertainment of hotels are all the same. Now many finalize the design of the hotels want to change the current situation, but the place is limit. Many hotels also hope that they have more entertainment facilities than other equivalent competitors. The Indoor putting green for hotel can meet this demand. It can not only promote the class of hotel, but also has a great deal of entertaining.

The using of indoor green for hotel
For this kind of artificial putting green, they generally built in the hotel, leisure clubs, offices…Fantastic putting green could let you enjoy golf sports during business.

The feature of hotel putting green
1.Build a theme characteristic hotel
2. Improve the grade of hotel
3. Beautify the hotel environment and vision landscape.
4. The material is excellent with low cost, but easy to maintain.

The advantages of indoor putting green for hotel
The advantages of indoor putting green that its material is excellent with low cost, but easy to maintain.Because it have adopted a number of modern means of science and technology in the process of production, it has strong tensile property, strong wear resistance, strong flexibility, strong drainage and strong anti fade.

Landscaping putting green
There is such a motto “nature is the mother of the design.” Only if you can give fill consideration of the properties of golf stadium, the stadium could have a suitable style.

The elements of landscaping putting greens.
1.The artistic requirements
2. High creative freedom
3. The extensive identity of elements of the design.

The role of the landscaping putting green for golf course
1.The landscape of golf course design should take consider for the environmental purification.
2. Landscaping putting green should has barrier function. Trees obstacle is more vitality. It reduces the cost and increase the difficulty to improve the challenging and interesting.
3. The plant material of the golf course also has the instruction and the function of peg.
4. Safety problems not only involve the player, but also design staffs.
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