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Advantages of using cheap engineered wood flooring

September 3, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Home & Office Decor

The cheap engineered wood flooring that we sell on our online store is the same as hard timber boards and have a lot of benefits. The cheap real wood flooring is not affected by humidity since they have been made using the latest technology. The engineered boards are extra as compared to solid wood boards, thereby preventing the possibility of eventual issues later on. If you wish to use wider boards, cheap engineered wood flooring is what you require, since the producers are in a position to produce wider boards. You will save time, money, and surprises that may take place on site during installation, since the cheap real wood flooring is always available pre-finished. Cheap engineered wood flooring is fixed on top of under floor heating, as opposed to a huge number of solid timber boards. The engineered boards offer simpler and different installation methods.


The cheap real wood flooring that we sell make a better more resourceful use of slow-growing, lamella layer timbers such as walnut, oak, and many more. Cheap engineered wood flooring is made up of many wooden layers. Most of the time it is made with seven layers, but you can find some that are made of layers that are between four and nine. The cheap real wood flooring is wood that is layered at an approximately 90 degree angle all the way diagonally, up, and the topmost layer, and the bottom layer too. The topmost layer of the cheap engineered wood flooring is made up of different thickness. The topmost layers usually have different features like those of solid or laminate. The layers can be polished, of different texture, but the top layer remains the genuine real wood. Cheap engineered wood flooring can be installed in diverse ways. It can be installed easily on concrete or wooden subfloor. When installing cheap real wood flooring on concrete floors, you only require gluing it down directly.


The easiest way to install the cheap engineered wood flooring, and the method that a lot of people are making use of, is to towel out the glue and fixing the actual pieces down. The other easy way of installing the cheap real wood flooring is over a concrete subfloor, where you only require gluing the tongue and grooves together, and drift over a pad. You must lay the pad first, just as it is done in laminate. Purchase cheap engineered wood flooring from us, and enjoy the benefits that are enormous as compared to other types of wood flooring. We promise you that we only sell the finest quality cheap real wood flooring that you can never find anywhere else all over Holland and beyond. Our services are unmatched, and this the reason why we have grown to be the largest online cheap engineered wood flooring store.



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