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A Buyers Guide to Perfect Turkish Carpets

August 20, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Others

Turkish carpets are one of the most popular types of rugs in the world. It is a preferred choice of home flooring item for many. With its timeless beauty and versatile elegance, every room seems to come alive after adding an intricately designed Turkish aea rug. When it comes to choosing a rug for your home, the options are endless. From geometrical shapes to traditional motifs, you have a wide range of choices to enhance the look of any room. Buying your perfect rug for your room is a matter of research and shopping around.

The internet is a great place to start looking for Discount area rugs. However before you dive into it, here are a few things about turkish rugs that you need to know. They offer some great advantages and can be a great choice to lighten up any room. Here is why

Quality: Carpets from Turkey are known for their high quality and excellent value of money. The best way to ascertain the authenticity is by checking both sides of the rug. The best quality rug will have a design that shows just as distinctly on the back. The knot size matters a lot. While high quality machine woven turkish area rugs have a narrow grid with thin yarn on their back.

Affordable: One type of Turkish carpets or area rugs is woven by machine in acrylic, olefin and wool mixed. These area rugs are in same oriental or traditional designs and also in patterns. They are more thick and heavy weight than hand made carpets. The weight and knots per square meter matters a lot. These area rugs are available on an affordable price. The area rugs with one million knots per square meter are more durable and beautiful like hand woven rugs.

Patterns: The designs and patters are the highlight of these rugs. With intricate designs, the carpet never fails to fascinate. For a small room, a spacious design with breathing space makes for a perfect addition. Not only does it look stunning but helps makes the room look bigger.

Class: Nothing can match the elegance and class of a stylish Turkey rug. Popularly used by royals and celebrities all over the world to don their home, there is no doubt about the regality that is attached to a well designed rug.

Investment: Turkish rugs are durable and of high standard. Whether you use a handmade rug or a machine made one, they are valuable in that they make for a good investment value. If silk is used you can be sure that it will only gain its sheen and remain in the perfect condition for years to come.

Material: Turkish rugs are majorly made in two materials – wool and silk. A rug made with natural material is durable and can stay for years. Silk is known for its tensile strength and wool for its texture. Machine woven Turkish carpets are generally made with olefin/PPC or wool and acrylic material.

Dyes: Turkish rugs mostly make use of dyes used from flowers, roots and even insects. The art of using natural material for making these dyes is being practiced for years. Natural dyes have many advantages over synthetic dyes. For one, it does not fade even in exposure to direct sunlight. It offers a uniform coat and endures through the years.

Functional: Carpets have more function than just being lookers. During the early days center piece carpets were used as bug excluders, temperature controllers, and soil leveler to provide comfort. Though many of these may not be relevant today, they perform few other functions as well. For instance, Turkish rugs have anti bacterial quality as they are made of natural material and are perfect for households with kids or a baby.

These are not just a few qualities that make Turkish carpets an irresistible buy. Keep these points in mind when you get online stores and browse catalogs. It should help you select your ideal Turkish carpet.

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